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SAP and the White List of Taxpayers

Verification of Contractors’ Data in SAP

All for One Partner Checker is an add-on to the SAP standard, which enables users to verify the contractors’ data (a so-called white list of taxpayers, bank account numbers, tax identification numbers) in the databases of NRA (the National Revenue Administration) and EU, directly in the SAP system, in accordance with Polish legal requirements.

We offer the solution for the following systems: S/4HANA i SAP ERP (ECC, SAP R/3).

The solution is based on the integration with external databases (via an API which connects to the All for One Partner Checker service maintained in All for One Poland.) This streamlines the work of SAP users who can verify the contractor’s data directly in the SAP system.

Supported functions – verification of the following data:

  • Status in the VAT taxpayer register
  • NIP (Taxpayer Identification Number) and VAT-UE number
  • Bank account numbers

Verification, automation, control

The basis of the solution is the integration of SAP with external databases (via API linking to the Partner Checker service).

This streamlines the work of SAP users who can verify contractor data directly in the SAP system. Another improvement for users is the automated creation of contractors in the SAP system based on data from external databases.

All for One Poland has been developing and enhancing the business partner data verification solutions since 2018, as new legal regulations appeared and became more specific, including in particular the amendment regarding the so-called white list of taxpayers.

On September 1, 2019, the amended provisions of The Act on the Amendment of the Tax on Goods and Services and Certain Other Acts come into force, introducing a new list of VAT taxpayers (a so-called white list of taxpayers) containing the necessary information on VAT taxpayers.

According to the Act, the database will be maintained in electronic form by the National Revenue Administration (NRA) and will ultimately replace other existing lists used for the verification of contractors. In particular, the database will contain the data on:

  • entities which were not registered in the VAT register or were de-registered
  • entities registered (active and exempt VAT taxpayers), including those restored to the VAT register
  • contractors’ bank account numbers.

The introduction of a list of taxpayers facilitated the verification of potential contractors, but it also involves additional obligations for taxpayers, e.g. in the form of verification each time of the compatibility of bank account number data stated on a bank transfer with the account number included in the white list

Failure to fulfil the obligation to verify the compliance of the bank account will result in imposition of sanctions on the taxpayer, consisting in the exclusion from tax deductible costs of the part of the payment which was not made to the relevant bank account.

All for One NIP Checker allows you to automate the process of checking counterparties using NIP numbers, which improves the work of system users. This solution enables the user to check the NIP number directly in SAP.

It allows alerts to be triggered when an attempt is made to register a document with an incorrect number, and enables multiple numbers to be checked at the same time on demand. The verification is made in the Ministry of Finance databases for NIP numbers and in the European Union databases for VAT-EU numbers.

The verification can be made for:

  • JPK_VAT files
  • Master data on suppliers/customers
  • Manually specified VAT number lists (can be downloaded from a file)
  • Other locations in the system (the solution provides an API that makes it easy to integrate them with, for example, issuing orders for suppliers, posting invoices from suppliers, receiving orders from customers, or invoicing customers).

The results of the checks are recorded in logs and can be printed at any time.

All for One Partner Checker allows you to verify contractors’ settlement bank accounts in the database maintained by the National Revenue Administration directly from the SAP system.

The purpose of the verification is to avoid payment for delivered materials and services to bank accounts other than those included in the list maintained by NRA, and thus to avoid the sanctions provided for in the Act.

Solutions included in All for One Partner Checker streamline the work of users by displaying alerts when they attempt to create documents with an invalid bank account number or by allowing them to check the validity of bank accounts for multiple contractors simultaneously.

The tool enables mass and single checks of master data of customers, vendors and business partners in SAP.

Data can be checked according to the current status in the white list and VIES, and additionally in the Ministry of Finance database – for any selected day.

The solution makes it possible to query the so-called Flat File or the actual database provided by the Ministry of Finance. The tool archives the checks made in order to prove the checks later in the event of an inspection. Additionally, in the case of using the Ministry of Finance database, we have a unique check ID, as if the check was performed manually on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

In Partner Checker Creator extension, SAP users can also streamline their workflow with automated creating new contractors with master data, based on the data made available by the White List and the REGON database (BIR1 Internet database REGON 1 made available by the Central Statistical Office), and some EU countries (VIES, if the country provides the contractor name).

The solution automates the process of verifying the validity of contractor data in the SAP system , by comparing it with REGON/VIES data.

  • The ability to verify the correctness of the bank account on the White List for the created payment proposal, by asking for a combination  of the NIP and the Contractor’s Account number.
  • It is possible to limit the payments analyzed, e.g. according to currency, bank, account or specific contractors.
  • No need to change the SAP standard, the process of creating a payment proposal is not changed. The tool works on an existing payment run and allows you to verify historical payments.
  • The possibility of performing the verification itself without a payment block or automatic setting of a payment block  in case of negative verification on the White List.

White list and SAP - see how All for One Partner Checker works

See the presentation of the basic All for One Partner Checker solution and the extention – Edit Proposal

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