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Partner relations

The basic principle of All for One Poland is a partnership approach to relationships with clients.

We advise the client in selecting a project strategy, we provide the knowledge and experience in implementing IT solutions and using good business practices. Our objective is to present such an approach to the project which will enable the achievement of business goals with a minimum project risk. We think that an SAP project is a joint undertaking of the client and All for One Poland. Therefore, we prepare an offer for All for One Poland services on an individual basis – as a result of the joint work of both parties and as a starting point for further actions.

In our projects, we put a special emphasis on knowledge transfer to the client’s employees during consultation and training. Our purpose is to make the client the true owner of the solution – being able to maintain and develop it himself.

When carrying out implementation of projects and outsourcing services, we rely on:

  • Go Forward – an in-house developed implementation methodology
  • world quality standards compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 20000
  • an analysis of the outcome of our customers’ satisfaction surveys

IT Service Management System (ISO 20000 / ITIL)

The All for One Outsourcing Center has an IT Service Management System consistent with ISO 20000 (ITIL). All for One Poland (formerly SNP Poland, until 2017 – as BCC) has met ITIL requirements as the first IT provider in Poland to do so.

The ISO 20000 IT service management standard, provides specific guidelines on how to effectively handle requests from customers, react to incidents or solve problems. The standard defines a set of key IT processes, including service level management and reporting, availability, capacity and business continuity management, information security management, budgeting and accounting of IT costs, configuration and change management, as well as management of relationships with the environment, i.e. customers and suppliers.

Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)

The provision of IT outsourcing and SAP maintenance services by All for One Poland (formerly SNP Poland, until 2017 – as BCC) is based on the Information Security Management System, which complies with ISO 27001. It is the most restrictive standard, indicating the requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

The ISO 27001 standard covers all issues related to the protection of information created, stored and processed in a company. Its purpose is to verify and strengthen security while taking into account the sources of danger, which may be people, business processes and technologies. This standard is a part of the procedures on building Business Continuity Plans, which enable an efficient reaction to emergencies, and even unpredictable disasters such as fire, flood or construction disasters.

Guarantee of security and confidentiality for the customer data (ISO 27018)

ISO 27018 Certificate contain proprietary solutions of All for One Poland (formerly SNP Poland, until 2017 – as BCC), offered in the cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service). BeeOffice, All for One ECM and Edistrada are developed in the All for One Software Factory and offered based on the secure infrastructure of All for One Data Centers. ISO 27018 Certificate is an independent guarantee of security and confidentiality for the customer data, stored in applications. ISO 27018 Standard applies to such processes as data backup maintenance and creation system, data encryption, management of modifications in applications, registration of users and administrators’ activities, management of users’ accounts and rights.

Go Forward – an implementation methodology by All for One Poland

The Go Forward methodology has been created on the basis of more than a dozen years of All for One Poland experience in the delivery of SAP projects. Go Forward is based on world standards in project management defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and also on requirements relating to quality, information security and IT service management systems applicable in All for One Poland (ISO 27001, ISO 20000 certificates).

What is implementation methodology?

The methodology consists of strictly defined action procedures that describe, step by step, the SAP system implementation process. Given the complexity of implementation projects (ranging from over a dozen to several dozen people involved in a several-month or over dozen month undertaking, which determines the way in which the whole company functions), it is necessary to set the process in order and maintain a formal framework allowing for the continuous checking as to whether the direction of work, and partial deliverables, meet the customer’s requirements.

Foundations of the All for One Poland implementation methodology

The Go Forward methodology has been created on the basis of more than a dozen years of All for One Poland experience in the delivery of SAP projects. Go Forward is based on world standards in project management, defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and also on requirements relating to quality, information security and IT service management systems applicable in All for One Poland (ISO 27001, ISO 20000 certificates).


Go Forward implementation methodology contains, among others, the following elements:

  • action procedures (who does what, when, how and why in each phase of the project)
  • model forms (for the implementation process documentation),
  • project tools (i.a. for project documentation management, business process modelling, program change management, data migration from source systems),
  • examples of template solutions (a base  of knowledge and experience from implementations carried out by All for One Poland).

What distinguishes the Go Forward methodology?

The Go Forward methodology is distinguished by its overall approach to the life cycle of IT systems that support the Customer’s corporate management. This approach covers efficient implementation of systems, their effective use, maintenance and development.

In the Go Forward methodology, we use unique elements:

  • engagement of the All for One Poland service organisation operating according to ITIL standards,
  • a solution concept based on a graphic model of processes, compliant with the BPMN standard,
  • a virtual work environment – MS SharePoint portal.

The engagement of the All for One Poland service organisation

In addition to implementation consultants, All for One Poland service consultants participate in selected project works and acquire knowledge about the solution being prepared for a customer. This allows the customer to besupported by All for One Poland service organisation, operating according to ISO 20000 standards and the code of good practices described in the ITIL library, during go-live and immediately after it.

Go-liveruns more smoothly. The users of the new system can focus more on their normal duties, during go-live, and after. The participation of All for One Poland service consultants in the implementation allows also for a smooth transition to effective service (ongoing support for SAP users), without any additional knowledge transfer.

A solution concept based on a graphic model of processes

Whencreating the SAP solution concept, we use the BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation)standard, which reflects the model and designed processes in graphic form. The model processes, presented in the form of clear diagrams, are a starting point. The work on the concept consists of its verification and adaptation. By using a graphic form, that is understandable to everybody, a better effect can be achieved: the target solution is better suited to the company’s needs, and the use of predefined model processes enables project teams to focus on business optimisation. The base of processes developed during the implementation may be used as a basis for process-oriented company management.

Virtual project work environment

We provideproject participants with a project portal prepared in the MS SharePoint environment. It creates a virtual work environment for people involved in the project. –They have permanent access, from anywhere in the world, to project documents and up-to-date information about the status and progress of work. The use of the portal increases the efficiency of implementation work and allows project participants to focus on the better effects of the project. The experience of All for One Poland in defining projects in the project portal, enables templates which include elements (e.g. a structure of the project, a list of documents, lists, reports) that are commonly used in different projects.

Phases of implementation of SAP solutions according to the All for One Poland implementation methodology

The SAP system implementation process, according to the Go Forward methodology, consists of the phases described below. After each phase, the Customer obtains partial deliverables, which jointly allow a new system to be launched in the company.

Phase 0 Pre-implementation analysis

The purpose of the initial phase is to determine the general framework of the project: the scope, a schedule and a budget. Persons designated by the customer and All for One Poland, participate in meetings which gradually refine the functional and organizational scope of the system, to meet the requirements of the company. On this basis, All for One Poland prepares an SAP system implementation offer including all significant assumptions for further project phases.
Deliverables of the phase: A system implementation offer, contract

Phase 1 Project preparation

In this phase, the implementation project and methods of working in the project (work regulations, training regulations, documenting, status reporting, record keeping and work accounting, use of resources, etc.) are defined in detail.
Deliverables of the phase: Project charter, Project regulations

Phase 2 Conceptual design

In this phase, training for the customer’s employees in the field of SAP solutions is conducted and an Implementation Blueprint ―a document describing how the customer’s business processes will be implemented in the IT system ― is prepared.
Deliverables of the phase: Implementation Blueprint

Phase 3 Prototype realisation

In the third phase, the so-called system prototype is prepared based on the implementation blueprint, through the parameterisation of the system settings. The prototype undergoes tests within individual functionalities and integration tests of the whole system to check if it functions properly.
Deliverables of the phase: A prototype of the SAP system

Phase 4 Preparation for operation

In the fourth phase, end users are trained in functions performed in the system. The SAP system is also filled with real data from IT systems that currently exist in the company (or other data sources).
Deliverables of the phase: A production system

Phase 5 Go live and operation

In this phase – after system go live – end users are supported on the first days of their work. Furthermore, the technical settings of the system are optimised.
Deliverables of the phase: Ongoing use of the SAP system

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