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JPK, Split Payment, Partner Checker: 3 challenges and solutions

For several years now, the Ministry of Finance has been successively introducing changes in tax regulations and accounting rules. Many of them require changes in business processes and adaptation of IT systems. SNP is successively expanding its offer to include solutions and in-house developed applications that allow SAP systems to be adjusted to current legal requirements. More than two hundred companies already use SNP Add-ons and therefore can be sure that their SAP is in compliance with the tax regulations.

SNP SAP Add-ons for finance and more

SNP SAP Add-ons are unique products extending the standard of SAP systems, as well as ready-made solutions allowing SAP systems to be adjusted to legal changes. The applications are dedicated to various management areas, including sales, HR and logistics. However, the most popular are products from the area of finance, especially those which give companies a guarantee that the SAP system correctly executes the processes of verification of counterparties, split payment and the Standard Audit File generation.

The most popular solutions in the SNP SAP Add-ons offer in the area of finance are:

166 companies have purchased SNP JPK (January 2020)

A new structure of the Standard Audit File

For several months now, the number one topic among customer inquiries has been the Standard Audit File, or rather a new version of the SNP JPK for SAP solution, which is necessary due to the changes in the SAF structure announced by the Ministry of Finance. According to the Ministry’s announcements, the changes will take effect on 1 April 2020 in large companies and on 1 July 2020 in other companies. Pursuant to the draft amendment to the act amending the Act on Tax on Goods and Services and the Tax Ordinance Act, the new structure JPK_V7M will replace VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-27, VAT-ZT, VAT-ZZ, VAT-ZD returns.

Moreover, the Ministry also announces the withdrawal of additional applications included in the current returns. All the necessary information will be contained in a single file.

The proposed changes are to be a step towards simplifying the tax system in Poland. So far, submitting a VAT JPK file has meant an additional obligation for entrepreneurs, since an active VAT taxpayer is required to submit both VAT-7/VAT-7K and JPK VAT returns.

The JPK_V7M (JPK_VDEK) file will not only be the basis for VAT calculations, but will also provide the tax authorities with data contained in the VAT register for the purposes of verifying irregularities. For entrepreneurs, this will translate into significant time savings and less paperwork.

SNP JPK redesigned

Following the information from the Ministry of Finance, the consultants of SNP Poland are already working on a new version of the original SNP JPK solution. The application from the SNP SAP Add-ons offer will be made available to customers just after publication of the final file structure by the Ministry of Finance and adoption of the relevant amendment to the Act. Similarly to the previous version, also the new SNP JPK package will guarantee full compliance with the applicable law. In addition to the ready-to-use application, customers will also be able to obtain additional implementation support. The SNP JPK package can be extended with a maintenance offer.

SNP’s offer includes the SNP JPK package for the following systems: S/4HANA, SAP ERP (ECC, SAP R/3) and SAP Business One.

The companies that already use the SNP JPK solution in an older version and have purchased the maintenance service will receive a new standard version as part of the maintenance package.

SAF structures

In addition to a VAT register  – JPK_VAT7M – that is mandatory for every company, SNP JPK supports the following SAF structures on request:

  • Accounting books – JPK_KR,
  • Bank statement – JPK_WB,
  • Warehouse – JPK_MAG,
  • VAT invoices – JPK_FA,
  • VAT invoices for lump sum farmers – JPK_FA_RR,
  • Revenue and expense ledger – JPK_PKPIR,
  • Revenue register – JPK_EWP.

What’s in the package

SNP JPK consists of elements that guarantee full functionality of the solution as well as additional optional extensions. Elements and options of SNP JPK:

  • a set of ready-made functionalities together with the implementation methodology,
  • analysis of the scope of work necessary to meet the legal requirements in the company,
  • customization of the product according to the specific needs of the organization,
  • JPK Transfer extension (e-transfer of SAF to the Ministry of Finance system),
  • Excel4JPK extension (loading data from external files to SAF),
  • the manufacturer’s maintenance service.

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