Organizations starting or continuing a transformation process are faced with the decision of how to augment the competencies of their own team with a range of skills and the necessary experience to successfully complete the planned project. In the vast majority of organizations, the budget is not allocated to further FTEs, but to specific tasks. In such cases, managers cope by outsourcing the project in a typical outsourcing model. The project, its management and to a large extent its success is the responsibility of an external entity that usually carries out the work managed by its own project manager outside the customer’s company. All For One Poland has been successfully cooperating with partners in this way for over 20 years, providing high quality products, expert knowledge and extensive project manager experience.

The outsourcing model is not the only option available when implementing in-house projects. Managers with experienced IT teams often want to carry out projects using their own resources, under their own management. Sometimes they just lack some specific skills that are crucial, or simply the number of available specialists is too small to achieve the goal in a satisfactory time and within the set budget. Acquiring additional or new competencies in a specific technology can be difficult because the market demand for IT specialists is very high. Also, due to the wage pressure, maintaining such an employee on a permanent basis is associated with high costs. No less challenging is the recruitment and onboarding of an employee, which usually takes months. This means delays in the implementation of new, critical technologies for the company.

Organizations for which employee lending is optimal:
– have project management competencies and an IT team,
– have IT competencies that need to be complemented with project management competencies,
– are able to determine on their own which specialists and competencies they lack,
– do not plan to open new positions for the duration of the project, and want to reduce labor costs,
– are faced with the necessity to quickly start project work,
– plan to expand the competencies of IT team members by cooperating with specialists with specialized knowledge and skills.

The answer to this is body leasing, which quickly provides the organization with professionals with the necessary skills and experience for ongoing projects. The advantage of this model is complete control over tasks, as well as providing the team with a specialist who can share their experience and knowledge with its members. Using in-house resources to carry out work helps maintain the competence and motivation of employees, who can face new challenges. In this model, All For One Poland lends IT specialists, who are available exclusively to the customer for several months or longer. As the lending company, we bear the costs of employee hiring and developing. As a rule, we also provide the customer with the opportunity to interview the specialist before making the final decision. Cooperation in this model ensures that the copyrights are retained by the customer.

By offering our customers IT staffing solutions, we focus on the security of long-term cooperation and building stable business relationships based on trust. It is worth noting that as an organization with extensive project experience, we can provide the customer with outsourced support also in other areas of SAP technology or IT system security, thus complementing the support provided by the leased specialist.

Body leasing with All for One – different roles and tasks

All for One supports customers in the body leasing model, lending employees with expert skills in IT technology and management systems. These roles can be as follows:

DevOps Engineer – for an international manufacturer from the FMCG industry we provide a team of consultants implementing a project in the field of Industrial Internet of Things. By leveraging the potential of cloud services and industrial automation, the customer’s factories are transforming to the concept of Industry 4.0.

Cloud Engineer – we support customers with AWS competencies to maintain and continuously evolve a business-critical IT environment in the public cloud.

Site Reliability Engineer – supports the business by delivering the best quality applications as quickly as possible; understands quality, administrative and programming aspects and applies them to ensure service reliability. Customers using such competencies gain the highest levels of availability and quality of IT applications and services.

Network Engineer – network infrastructure is one of the elements that must function in an on-premise model. Customers who prefer to maintain their own team of administrators are supported by our expert skills in network technologies (wifi, switching, routing, security).

SAP Basis – maintaining the technical layer of SAP systems requires extensive knowledge including the knowledge of operating systems, databases, network aspects, performance, business continuity and security. We delegate consultants to carry out implementation projects and maintain our customers’ SAP landscapes on a long-term basis.

Information security specialist – qualified and experienced consultants help implement and improve the management system in aspects related to information security. They support managers of IT, production, design and HR departments. With this support, customers minimize the risk of costly security incidents in their organizations.

Scrum Master and Agile Coach – the combination of “soft" and “hard" competencies helps build a bridge between the organization, the product owner and the team, contributing to the success of using agile methodologies.

IT Project Manager – the competencies of the IT project manager determine the success of the project. Organizational skills and operational agility, combined with an understanding of technology, are the most important qualities of our consultants who work for customers.

Virtualization Engineer – despite the popularization of cloud solutions, a significant number of organizations still maintain their own server rooms where they implement, maintain and develop virtualization technologies. We support customers with the necessary knowledge and experience.