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Use property and equiplment efficiently

Organize the records of your equipment. Enable employees to book shared resources. Keep a list of licenses and permissions assigned to individual people. Control your expenses through electronic purchase requests.


Cost control thanks to purchase applications

The employee requests, the supervisor accepts or … not. Who requested, who approved, what purchases are in progress? All this in BeeOffice.

The Purchasing module fully supports the process of submitting and approving requisitions.

BeeOffice informs the decision-maker – known to it from the organizational structure – about a new requisition that requires a decision to be taken about its approval or rejection. At any time it is possible to view the current status and check for any requisition who submitted it and when, who performed the next steps on the approval path.

Do you know… 500 is the number of purchases (stationeries, administrative for employees’ own needs) made on average per month by a company with 100 office employees

  • Fining a purchase order electronically, without the need to send e-mails or file paper documents
  • Automatic forwarding of the request for approval to the relevant person – based on the organization structure
  • The manager is notified via e-mail of the purchase order awaiting for decision
  • Location, common for various types of requests (purchase orders, business tripsleaves) in which BeeOffice displays items requiring action
  • Option of filing purchase orders for other persons
  • Interface to accounting systems
  • At any time, the decision-maker sees the list of all purchase orders awaiting his/her decision
  • A full view of the historical and current purchase orders with option of displaying by persons requesting, organization structure elements or statuses
  • Simple information on the value of purchase orders for a given period or for a given team/person in PLN also for purchase orders entered in foreign currencies – automated calculation of currency rates
  • Purchase order for a license – to simplify the selection, pre-defined licenses available for ordering – based on licenses defined in IT license module
  • Option to add attachments with additional information
  • Export of information to Excel for further detailed analysis
  • Improving the efficiency of the process of handling purchase orders
  • Automated calculation of the purchase orders to PLN
  • Quick and easy display of the list of purchase orders awaiting approval
  • Easy access to historical data – quick information on the value of purchase orders in a given period
  • Reduced time of handling purchase orders – a single-click approval in BeeOffice
  • Approval of purchase orders for IT licenses included in the process
  • Pre-defined list of licenses ordering management of IT licenses in the company
  • Automated e-mail notification of new and pending purchase orders
  • Information on purchase orders displayed by various criteria
  • Supporting detailed analysis using data exported to Excel

How does it work?


Management of company resources

Training rooms, projectors, cars and other shared resources… In BeeOffice, you reserve them for days or hours. Finally, you know who has reserved a particular resource and for when.

Reservations enable the efficient management of resources used by employees: training rooms, projectors, GPS sets, etc. At any time you know what resource is available, who made the reservation and how it was used in the past.

The Reservations module not only allows you to reserve company resources on behalf of yourself or your colleagues, but also enables you to evaluate how specific resources or devices are used in the company. You will quickly find out, e.g. how many days per year the projector was used, and also whether it pays to maintain the company’s apartment, or whether, given its occupancy, it would be cheaper to use hotels.

You decide for yourself whether you allow a given resource to be booked for hours, days or maybe – as in the case of apartments – for nights. All employees have access to information about available resources at any time, and if they need it, they can reserve them even when they are at home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How does it work?


Inventory of resources entrusted to employees

A full record of equipment permanently given to employees. Phones, computers, furniture… We know who has what, how much of what we have in stock. Along with full historical data.

BeeOffice gathers in one place full information about the equipment used by employees, their issue and return history. Additionally, it provides the ability to generate and print dedicated issue and return documents for specific devices.

The Equipment module allows you to handle the process of managing company equipment provided to users, e.g. laptops, phones, pass cards. This functionality is very useful for any company that wants to have control over its equipment and know its history – from its purchase, through issue to the user, to sale or destruction.

Do you know… 1000: is the average number of various pieces of equipment and material furnishing owned by a company with 100 office employees. They include telephones, PCs, access cards, specialized tools and equipment

  • Automated process of handing over, returning or formal confirmation of destroying equipment
  • On-line access to current information on the status of a piece of equipment, its current and previous assignment and other properties
  • Ordered management of equipment by using clear-cut definitions of equipment types
  • Option of printing reports confirming hand over, return or destroying a piece of equipment
  • Readily available information on the pieces of equipment not assigned to users, i.e. those that should be available in the warehouse
  • Defining customized features of equipment for additional categorization
  • Exporting information on equipment to Excel files for further detailed analysis
  • Immediate access to information on equipment – in a few clicks you can learn how many pieces of equipment are held by the users, and how many are not in use
  • Displaying data on equipment purchased in a specified period – useful in planning purchase requirements in the future periods
  • Readily available information on who and when handed equipment over to an employee and where it is at a given moment
  • A full text search is available to find pieces of equipment, allowing to enter only a part of their name or serial number
  • Handing equipment over is immediately seen in user properties in the list of employees – at any moment you know which pieces of equipment are assigned to a given user

How does it work?

IT licenses

Software registry in the organization

The list of owned licenses, historical data about purchases, issues and returns. It is easier to take care of software legality and… save on license purchases.

How many software licenses do we have in our company? When did we buy each one and who uses them? Here you will also receive printouts of internal documents related to the issue and return of licenses and full information on their history – you can rest assured that in case of an audit you will know everything about individual IT licenses at once!

The IT Licenses module in BeeOffice is a simple solution to your software license management problems. You define a list of available licenses, record purchases, issues and returns, and as a result,  you can check at any time who has a given license, who issued it and how many and what types of IT licenses you have in your company. When you hire a new employee, it’s easy to assess whether you need to make new license purchases to equip their workstation, or whether you can use licenses already purchased, received through a partnership or assigned to a computer. By defining a license once, you also have it available in the Requisitions module.

Do you know… 500: is the average number of IT software licenses held by a company with 100 workstations

  • Quick and easy definition of new IT licenses
  • Availability of the list of licenses in purchase orders for licenses
  • Immediate display of the status of licenses in the organization – type, and number of handed over and available ones
  • Registering purchases, handovers and withdrawals of licenses
  • Document printouts for individual operations
  • Various types of licenses available: purchased, own, assigned to a PC
  • Readily available, integrated information on the numbers and types of licenses in your organization
  • Easily check which IT licenses were handed over to a selected employee
  • Licenses handed over to an employee are automatically assigned to him/her and are displayed in the definition of the employee
  • Order and standardize the process of license management in the company
  • Simple method, using printed certificates, of approving the use of specified software by employees
  • In case of a control of software’s legality, you have readily available information the current number of software licenses held

How does it work?

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